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Welcome to us

Since 2003, we have wanted to present our own Finnish personal performers of our seasons in our restaurant work , without forgetting the international classics, the unifying factor is the open-mindedness that respects traditions both in the kitchen and in the service .

Our concept is not puritanically stick to the gifts of our own country, but we also want to use the gifts from the rest of the world, and the compass needle of our activities points strongly in the direction of French classical cuisine.

So traditions are not an absolute value for us but are just one part of our lives.

Wishing you a good and tasty life

Tuulikki Nissinen

Tuulikki Nissinen


Petri Kurttila

Petri Kurttila



”Cooking and preparing food is a series of different chemical reactions, for which there is always an explanation in the written science. A perfect dinner with rituals is another matter; a mystery almost comparable to love.”


  • Soy marinated rainbow trout, a salad of green asparagus and plum tomatoes, sesame seed sauce
  • Lamb shank rillettes, champignon mushrooms and honey-Dijon -sauce


Main courses

  • Fish of the day from Finnish waters with changing recipes
  • Roasted reindeer fillet, Jerusalem artichoke, morel mushrooms and potato, pickled carrot with tarragon, green pepper-port wine sauce


  • Selection of cheeses from home and abroad


  • Lemon sorbet and white chocolate-liquorice sauce
  • Juiced rhubarb , kiwi and honeydew melon, Amaretto-sabayon sauce


Price list

  • Starters 15,80 e
  • Fish of the day 36,60 e
  • Reindeer fillet 44,60 e
  • Cheeses/Desserts 13,90 e


  • Starter, fish of the day as a main course, and dessert 60,40 e
  • Starter, reindeer fillet as a main course, and dessert 66,40 e


”A relationship with wine is like a relationship between two people. Some of those are passionate and emotional, others are based on rationality, some are even hostile, some have already matured into friendship.

Our wine selection includes about one hundred different wine products, including sparkling wines, white wines, red wines, sweet wines and fortified wines. When wine is good, we think the homeland of grapes is a secondary thing. That is why our wine selection covers both traditional and new wine countries.

Our selection includes both bottled wines and wines by the glass, and from the wines by glass you can always find recommendations for the portions we have on our a la carte as well as for the season menu.

Because we often procure wines as a one-time purchase, our wine selection lives and changes all the time, and because of the variability, it is always challenging to update the current wine list on our website. Therefore, we hope that if you have any questions or you need to have more specific information regarding our wine selection, or need more information, please contact us.

While the wine is wonderful, not everyone needs to like it. There are other options to choose from. We also have some.


Reservations made by email are not valid until confirmed by the restaurant by phone or email.

For bookings inquiries for the same day (24 hours), we recommend that you make a call by phone at +358 8 88 111 88. Any changes to this day’s existing booking will also be considered only by phone.

Our aim is to be available both by e-mail as well as telephone, also when the restaurant is closed. In case you do not get anyone answering immediately, please be patient. We will get back to you as soon as possible.











Opening hours

Tue-Sat 17-23 (last orders to the kitchen 9 pm)

Sun-Mon closed

We are closed on Midsummer’s Day, i.e. Saturday, June 22, 2024.














+358 8 88 111 88

Aittatori 4-5, 90100 Oulu


Aittatorin Ravintola Oy
VAT ID: FI18597490


Our restaurant is located in old warehouses built in 1881. Our restaurant is certainly not the most practical, direct and shiny, but certainly unique, and cosy as a milieu. Our restaurant consists of two separate but connected ”rooms/halls”; within these log walls meet yesterday and today with their opposites, complementing and respecting each other.

The restaurant consist of two ”rooms/halls”, Hirsisali and Sininen Sali .


maximum number of people 24 (depending on seating arrangements)

Sininen sali

maximum number of people 18 (depending on seating arrangements)

Both rooms/halls can also be booked for private use, in which case the pricing will be on a case-by-case basis according to the nature of the event and the servings.
Use of a video cannon, screen and wireless internet connection is also available.

On a summertime, when the weather is beautiful, dinner can also be enjoyed on the ”Meriterassi” (terrace by the sea)