Our Restaurant

The history of this restaurant building goes back to the year 1881; originally the building was a storage for salt and other agricultural products. So therefore, in everything we do, we have to keep in mind the restrictions, and also the authencity of this milieu. The building is protected by the National Board of Antiquities.

The restaurant is actually two storage buildings combined together; downstairs we have the the kitchen areas, and by the seaside a tiny bar.

The bar is a cosy place to just have a drink and read the newspapers, start the evening with an aperitif or finish the evening with coffee and digestives. Also, if you want to dine in the bar, you are more than welcome. The bar is pretty much full when there are maximum of 20 people present.

The actual dining rooms are situated upstairs, in the second floor.


”Hirsisali” is the bigger dining room. The idea in the decoration has been to remain the original elements in the head role, and to emphasize the charisma of the old wooden house by using contrasts between older and younger elements. The maximum amount of people to dine is 26 persons. Hirsisali can also be reserved for private occasions.

Sininen Sali

”Sininen Sali” is an ideal room for meetings and private parties for maximum of 20 people or less. It provides, when needed basic audiovisual equipment such as overhead projector, video projector, silver screen, flipchart and internet connection. The room in itself is a bit more modern than Hirsisali, but also clearly far from big conference rooms. Sininen Sali is a unique alternative for arranging company or family meetings.