• Salad ”Automne”- pecan nuts marinated with truffle oil, pickled vegetables, balsamic mayonnaise, cauliflower creme
  • Fried scallops, almond-parsley pesto, zucchini salad
  • Lamb shank-artichoke terrine, apple-carrot compote, lingonberry syrup

Main courses

  • Fish of the day from Finnish waters with changing recipes
  • Long cooked veal cheek, pistou and winter vegetable ”pot au feu”
  • Fillet of reindeer, beetroot-barley ”risotto”, fried salsify and forest mushroom ”ketchup”, juniper berry sauce

Selection of cheeses from home and abroad


  • Chocolaty creme brulee
  • Raspberry sorbet and white chocolate moousse, roasted malty cake, cloudberry melba sauce
  • Cranberry ice cream, liquorice financier, caramel sauce lightly flavoured with rosemary


  • Starters 14,80 e
  • Main courses/ fish of the day or veal cheek 31,60 e
  • Main course /fillet of reindeer 36,60 e
  • Cheeses 12,90 e
  • Desserts 12,90 e
  • Starter, main course and dessert ( fish of the day or veal cheek as main course) 51,40 e
  • Starter, main course and dessert ( fillet of reindeer as main course) 54,40 e

Minimum of 10 people parties;
preordered same menu chosen from our a la carte menu (minimum 3 courses) ordered for the whole group -10%

Menu Uleåborg 1881 vol.40

…waiting for Christmas time…

Small shrimps marinated with vermouth,
white fish roe,
salad with beetroot, pickled cucumber, apple and potatoe
Coulibiac with long cooked reindeer meat,
all spice sauce
Fillet of veal,
apple-parsnip puree, winter vegetables glazed with parsley syrup,
calvados sauce
Deep fried brie cheese with blackberry jam
Mandarine sorbet and fruit crumble,
youghourt mousse flavoured with vanilla

58,00 e