• Eggplant-champignon mushroom balls, salsify soup, gorgonzola creme
  • Beef tartar ”Korean style”, cabbage-long bean -salad


Main courses

  • Fish of the day from Finnish waters with changing recipes
  • Reindeer fillet, baked morel mushroom risotto, madeira sauce flavoured with sage



  • Selection of cheeses from home and abroad



  • Rum-vanilla ice cream, rhubarb soup
  • White chocolate panna cotta, cherry melba sauce



  • Starters 14,80 e
  • Vegetable balls and salsify soup as a main course 27,60 e
  • Fish of the day 31,60 e         
  • Reindeer fillet 36,60 e
  • Cheeses 12,90 e
  • Desserts 12,90 e
  • Starter, fish of the day as a main course and dessert 51,40 e
  • Starter, veggie balls&soup as a main course, dessert 49,40 e
  • Starter, reindeer fillet for main course and dessert 54,40 e


You may also choose as your starter  one of the two first dishes in menu Uleåborg                                                  as a starter size                  14,80 eur


If you want to change the main course from Menu Uleåborg for one of the following ones:

  • reindeer fillet Menu Uleåborg -price + 5,00 eur
  • fish of the day Menu Uleåborg -price + 3,00 eur
  • vegetable balls and salsify soup Menu Uleåborg -price  59,60 eur


Minimum of 10 people parties;
preordered same menu chosen from our a la carte menu (minimum 3 courses) ordered for the whole group -10%

Menu Uleåborg 1881 vol.55

-flavours from home and abroad-


Smoked white fish with fennel salad,

wasabi sauce



Morel mushrooms cooked in sherry cream,

pasta flavoured with thyme



Rack of lamb,

seasons potatoes flavoured with lemon,

cherry tomatoe compote, pea puree,

olive sauce



Sorbet a´la Bellini



Strawberry strudel,

vanilla sauce flavoured with mint


59,60 eur