• Spinach arancini, tomato soup mildly flavoured with chili, celery and roasted sweet pepper    ( available both as a starter and as a main course )
  • Lamb carpaccio, spring onion-potato salad, caper-parmesan creme

Main courses

  • Fish of the day from Finnish waters changing recipes
  • Reindeer fillet, creamed morel mushrooms flavoured with parsley, season´s potatoes and vegetables, sauce cooked from caramelised onion and reindeer bones


  • Selection of cheeses from home and abroad


  • Rhubarb ice cream, strawberry brittle, Campari syrup
  • Chocolate ganache, orange sauce



  • Starters  14,80 e
  • Spinach arancini as a main course  27,60 e
  • Fish of the day  31,60 e         
  • Reindeer fillet  36,60 e
  • Cheeses  12,90 e
  • Desserts  12,90 e
  • Starter, fish of the day as a main course and dessert  51,40 e
  • Starter, spinach arancini as a main course and dessert   49,40 e
  • Starter, reindeer fillet for main course and dessert  54,40 e

You may also choose as your starter one of the two first dishes in Menu Uleåborg as a starter size;  14,80 eur

If you want to change the main course from Menu Uleåborg for one of the following ones:

  • reindeer fillet Menu Uleåborg -price + 5,00 eur
  • fish of the day Menu Uleåborg -price + 3,00 eur
  • spinach arancini Menu Uleåborg -price   59,60 eur


Minimum of 10 people parties;
preordered same menu chosen from our a la carte menu (minimum 3 courses) ordered for the whole group -10%

Menu Uleåborg 1881 vol.50

-flavours from home and abroad-


Scampi tails in mint sauce,

fennel salad


Smoked salmon,

spinach and chanterelle mushrooms,

moccha cream


Fillet of veal,

parsley pesto and lemon potatoes,

madeira sauce


Sorbet ”Gin & Tonic”


Ile Flottante with raspberries,

vanilla sauce and roasted almonds


59,60 eur