• Buckwheat pelmenis filled with Finnish forest mushrooms, parsley-white wine-butter -sauce, pickled vegetables    ( available both as a starter and as a main course )
  • Terrine of smoked cut of beef and pork neck, apple-celeriac salad, port wine syrup

Main courses

  • Fish of the day from Finnish waters changing recipes
  • Reindeer fillet, croquette of Mustaleima-emmental cheese and potato, roasted Jerusalem artichokes and winter vegetables, blackcurrant sauce


  • Selection of cheeses from home and abroad


  • Lingonberry bavaroise, white chocolate and liquorice
  • Chocolate mousse ”mille feuille”, coconut sorbet and pineapple melba sauce



  • Starters  14,80 e
  • Buckwheat pelmenis as a main course  27,60 e
  • Fish of the day  31,60 e         
  • Reindeer fillet  36,60 e
  • Cheeses  12,90 e
  • Desserts  12,90 e
  • Starter, fish of the day as a main course and dessert  51,40 e
  • Starter, buckwheat pelmenis as a main course and dessert   49,40 e
  • Starter, reindeer fillet for main course and dessert  54,40 e

You may also choose as your starter one of the two first dishes in Menu Uleåborg as a starter size;  14,80 eur

If you want to change the main course from Menu Uleåborg for one of the following ones:

  • reindeer fillet / Menu Uleåborg -price + 5,00 eur
  • fish of the day /Menu Uleåborg -price + 3,00 eur
  • buckwheat pelmenis /Menu Uleåborg -price   59,60 eur


Minimum of 10 people parties;
preordered same menu chosen from our a la carte menu (minimum 3 courses) ordered for the whole group -10%

Menu Uleåborg 1881 vol.53

-flavours from home and abroad-


Champignon tartar flavoured with horse radish,

frisée salad



Buckwheat blinis

served with white fish roe, chopped onion and sour cream



Roasted lamb fillet,

rye grains and white cabbage fried with garlic butter,

apricot jam,

dark tarragon sauce



Two selected cheeses and sea buckthornberry syrup



Peach with mint,

Italian meringue and sauce sabayon



59,60 eur