• Vegetables lightly cooked in lemon juice, parmesan cheese and quinoa, horse radish sauce
  • Salmon mousse and small shrimps flavoured with chili, dill vegetables and parsley sauce
  • Lamb fillet pastrami, white cabbage and carrot marinated with vinegar, blackcurrant syrup with star anise

Main courses

  • Fish of the day from Finnish waters – changing recipes
  • Fried veal sweetbreads, celeriac puree, vegetables sautéed with curry butter, apple sauce
  • Reindeer fillet, barley risotto with Finnish forest mushrooms, beetroot and salsify caramelized with spruce shoot syrup, rosemary-cranberry sauce

Selection of cheeses from home and abroad



  • Amaretto coffee -pannacotta
  • Orange-dark chocolate cake, milk chocolate mousse and merengue
  • Sea buckthorn ice cream, pear jam and pecan nuts, liquorice sauce


  • Starters 14,80 e
  • Main courses/fish of the day or veal sweetbreads 31,60 e
  • Main course/ reindeer fillet  36,60 e
  • Cheeses  12,90 e
  • Desserts  12,90 e
  • Starter, main course and dessert  / main course fish of the day or veal sweetbreads  51,40 e
  • Starter, reindeer fillet for main course and dessert  54,40 e


Minimum of 10 people parties;
preordered same menu chosen from our a la carte menu (minimum 3 courses) ordered for the whole group -10%

Menu Uleåborg 1881 vol.45

-flavours from home and abroad-



Tartar of beetroot and Finnish goat milk cheese,

roasted pine nuts and honey vinaigrette



Potato puree with truffle oil,

smoked roast of reindeer with cooking broth



Long cooked wild duck,

sautéed red cabbage and walnuts,

caramelized apple, red currant sauce



Two Finnish cheeses and madeira jelly



Cream cheese-meringue mousse,

almond marinated with rum and warm lingonberry soup